Sports pt 1

So the owners of sports franchises are going to help bring about the legalization of sports gambling. I suppose they need something to stop people from turning away from their reality distractions.


Love pt 3

The divorce rate is high because people never really fully commit to one another. They half ass their intentions, half-ass what they are willing to do for the other, choosing to keep themselves on one side of a wall and never crossing the river Jordan. Marriage is easy, so is divorce. Committing fully to the other with heart and soul is gone from Western culture. If I had children I would tell them the story about a man who fell in love a lot of times and was sadly disappointed with every one of them. Love is dead in the human ethos. Sexual politics and carnal gamesmanship have taken root in current love affairs. My God, how will we go on? There will have to be a reawakening of the soul for us to continue this thing called life. I now quote from the band The Killers with their song, Smile Like You Mean It.

“And someone will drive her around
Down the same streets that I did
On the same streets that I did

Smile like you mean it.”


Insanity pt 1

I think I understand why people become mentally ill. We can’t come to terms with the absolute crazy way the world works (or doesn’t most of the time). The insanity of life causes the screws to loosen in those who are the sanest. If you can function properly in this sick world, you are insane. The minority of us who can’t function properly, are normal. Someday people with mental illnesses will rule the world and all the better it will be.