Love pt 2

The idiot who said, “It is better to have lost at love than to never have loved at all,” obviously never lost at love. Heartbreak can be terminal.


War Is Hell pt1

I’m a huge opponent to war other than the kind we fight for our own lives on our own soils. The far-flung excursions America has engaged in since the end of WW II has caused untold death and suffering to ours and theirs. And I can’t even think of any good reason for being involved in ANY of them. Can you?

What in the World p1

A 16-year-old child was told to drink some of the liquid methamphetamines that he was smuggling across the U.S/Mexico border and died a few hours later.

A link and video of the story:

Does a child deserve to die for being a drug smuggler? Is the state too powerful?