Music pt 1

Music saves lives. Music might (have) save (d) the world.


Insanity pt 1

I think I understand why people become mentally ill. We can’t come to terms with the absolute crazy way the world works (or doesn’t most of the time). The insanity of life causes the screws to loosen in those who are the most sane. If you can function properly in this sick world, you are insane. The minority of us who can’t function properly, are normal. Someday people with mental illnesses will rule the world and all the better it will be.

What in the World p1

A 16-year-old child was told to drink some of the liquid meth amphetamines that he was smuggling across the U.S/Mexico border and died a few hours later.

A link and video of the story:

Does a child deserve to die for being a drug smuggler? Is the state too powerful?